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The Apothecary Mimosa & Thiare Candle has a fruity fragrance with green notes with a hint of jasmine and rose. The perfume has a fresh, sweet and smooth character, and its intensity is moderate/subtle. Perfect for both fall and winter.

Candle created from natural fragrances of great purity, originating from the most prestigious area in the world, Grasse, in the French Provence. 100% natural vegetable wax. Does not contain paraffin or palm oil. Pure cotton braided wick, free of heavy metals, to guarantee a 100% clean and environmentally friendly burn.

Weight: 150g. Volume: 20cl. Burn time: +/-25 h. Ø 56mm. Height 72mm.

Apothecary Mimosa & Tiare Candle

SKU: 02300300124
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